Wipcool 3PC - 141L HVAC Installer Kit - 18V

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Wipcool 3PC - 141L HVAC Installer Kit - 18V

Part Number: JAV2F2BRMSK1

Efficiency, precision, and reliability are the cornerstones of any successful HVAC installation project. Understanding the demands of modern HVAC systems, we proudly introduce our all-new HVAC Installation Tool Kit, designed to elevate your service quality and streamline your workflow. This comprehensive kit is equipped with state-of-the-art tools that cater to every critical aspect of HVAC installation, ensuring optimal performance and long-term satisfaction for your clients. All packaged in a heavy-duty tough tool box.


JAV2F2BR: 18V Series, 141 L/min, 2-stage Vacuum Pump - R32 Compliant


WIPCOOL Cordless Series, 140 L/min, 2-stage Vacuum Pump - R32 Compliant (Pump Only)



This WIPCOOL Cordless Series JAVF2BRPUMP is a quality 2-stage, oil rotary vane pump with a 140 L/min flow rate and a 15 micron ultimate vacuum.

This pump is ideal for general refrigeration service, and is packed with the features below.



  • Bottle shops, convenient stores, restaurants and catering facilities

  • General Refrigeration

  • Residential or Industrial

  • Split system installation or servicing


  • Comes with 1x Milwaukee battery adapter & 1x Makita battery adapter
  • Comes with a free starter bottle of oil
  • R32 and 1234yf compliant
  • Manufactured to WIPCOOL's high quality standards
  • 140 L/min flow rate
  • 15 micron ultimate vacuum
  • Built-in vacuum gauge
  • Automatic solenoid valve
  • Anti-oil demister to prevent oil spillage
  • Fitted with a 1/4" SAE connection
  • 500ml oil capacity
  • Dimensions (mm): 379x130x225
  • Weight (kg): 7.5kg





Flexible probe

High precision and sensitivity sensor

LCD Display


Sensor type: Heated diode gas sensor

Minimum detectable leakage: ≤3g/year

Reaction time: ≤ 3 seconds

Warm-up Time: 30 seconds

Reset Time: ≤ 10 seconds

Operating Temperature Range: 0-50

Operating Humidity Range: <80% RH (non-condensing)

Applicable Refrigerant: CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs. HCs and HFOs

Sensor lifetime: ≥ 1 year

Reset: Automatic/ Manual

Probe Length: 420mm (16.5 in)

Battery: 3 x AA alkaline battery, 7 hours continuous working


JAVMG2K: 2 Valve Manifold Gauge & Hose Set

Sight Glass

Rubber Bumper Protection

Gauge lights, powered by small solar cell

Magnetic hanging strap

¼ tunrn valves

• Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion battery (3-7V/120mAh)

• Gauge Scale: R22 R410A    R32

• Gauge Type: Oil filled – prevents any flutter in the needle. 

• Interface:  3 X 1/4'' SAE

• Diameter: Ø50

• Pressure: -30inHg-500psi / -30inHg-800psi

• Hose Pressure: 800psi Max WP / 4000psi Burst Pressure

• Accessories: Set of 3 RYB refrigeration hoses, 2 X Adapters (5/16''-1/4'')

• Packing: Tool bag

12 months from date of purchase.
*All warranties exclude consumables such as; filters, gaskets, leads, batteries, fuses, sensors, cases etc*

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