About Us

Who Is HVAC Direct?

We are an easy-to-navigate Online-Only Store set up by HVAC professionals to provide you, the HVAC engineer, with quality and competitive prices for tools, accessories and a wide variety of refrigeration products. 

Because we're Online-Only, HVAC Direct saves you money by expressly bypassing the storefronts and middle men, thus providing a seamless connection between the end user and the principle manufacturer or agent.

How Do We Do This?

We have contracts in place with big brands such as JAVAC, Fieldpiece and Imperial just to name a few. We spend a set amount monthly to get bulk discount prices on all products. These great prices are then forwarded on to you, giving you the customer competitive prices on great products.

The One-Stop-Shop For All HVAC Engineers

HVAC Direct aims to be the future of online wholesale business, daily developing and growing our vast range of service tools and accessories, making available the premium brands that you as professionals come to expect. We do not supply poor copies from Asia which tend to fail, but rather offer you quality brands, backed by us and the manufacturers and their representatives in Australia. In this way, your warranty is secured and fully supported throughout the country.

Thank you for considering HVAC Direct. If you're happy with what we offer, we'd love to hear your feedback. A referral to your colleagues and friends would be great too.