VIPER Silicon Grease Tube - 85g

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VIPER Silicon Grease Tube - 85g


Viper Silicone Grease is the food grade lubricant of choice, with thousands of electrical, mechanical and special applications. It is a heat dissipating and heat sink compound. A water and moisture repellent for electrical devices and components. A waterproof lubricant with high thermal stability that makes it ideal for HVACR and automotive applications. High dielectric strength makes it safe for lubricating electric devices. It is also commonly used as protective coating to prevent corrosion on electrical connectors and damper motors.


Used Where:

Silicone Grease is a specialty lubricant for food equipment, water fixtures, vacuum service, O-rings, ovens, freezers, ice machines, waterproofing, electrical and mechanical devices.



Apply to lubricate and protect equipment and mechanical devices.

12 months from date of purchase.
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