VIPER Nylog Blue Gasket & Thread Sealant - 30ml

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VIPER Nylog Blue Gasket & Thread Sealant - 30ml


Viper Nylog Blue is viscoelastic liquid derived from synthetic refrigeration oil, a non-hardening, non-drying fluid which bonds tenaciously onto many different substrates. Nylog Blue is completely miscible and compatible with virtually all refrigerants – including HFC, HFO and CO2 – that contain POE or PVE oil and base compressor oils. The product will not cause any system restrictions, fouling or failure. Nylog is used by OEMs and industry professionals worldwide.


Used Where:

Flare Fittings: Both faces of the flare as well as the threaded connectors are coated. Primary attention is given to the flare face. The majority of Nylog is pushed out of the flare boundary but not completely expelled. Helium leak testing of flares treated in this manner were tighter than flares coated with pipe dopes, resin adhesive, anaerobes, silicone or a dry connection.

Gaskets: The Nylog oil is absorbed into the gasket. Apply to both sides. Gaskets treated with Nylog rarely dry or become heat fixed to the metal. The gaskets can be easily removed many years later.

Tapered Pipe: Since pipe threads are never cut to the same tolerance, we recommend using Nylog over and under Teflon tape for a superior high-pressure seal.

Compression Fittings: The sealing method is similar to a flare connection but with less surface area. Precoat the tubing, ferrule and threads with Nylog.

Saddle Taps: Pre-clean the tubing with fine sandpaper to provide a clean surface. Coat the gasket and tubing surface with Nylog. Assemble and apply sufficient torque.

O-Rings: Connections having a rubber or plastic ring gasket usually leak due to over-tightening. The use of Nylog as an O-ring lubricant offers leak tight connections at low torque levels. Excellent for automotive A/C connections.

Assembly Lubricant: Nylog is a liquid lubricant. Typical uses include coating of pistons, cylinders, rods, rings and valves. Refrigerant leakage is greatly reduced when shaft seals are coated with Nylog. Coated Schrader valve cores do not leak and their depressors remain lubricated. Pre-lubed solenoids, actuators, unloaders or ball valves are prevented from binding.



1. Apply Nylog to gaskets, threads, or use as an assembly lube.

2. Tighten connections


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