VIPER Heat Blocking Gel - 1L

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VIPER Heat Blocking Gel - 1L


Viper Heat Blocking Gel is used to prevent fire or heat damage when using an open flame around wood, drywall, fabric and other components. It can also be used as a heat dissipating gel when protecting sensitive components in low temperature soldering applications.

Viper Heat Blocking Gel is a thermal adsorption compound that will prevent heat damage to components during low temperature soldering or brazing. Use as a fire retardant around walls and surrounding areas when using an open flame. Chemical

Proprietary aqueous gel. Non-toxic and chemically inert. Please refer to SDS for more information.

This high viscosity, sprayable coating is safe to use on all materials. It will not produce any toxic or hazardous fumes. Viper Heat Blocking Gel leaves no residue and easily wipes off.

Low Temperature Soldering or Brazing: Coat piping with a long and thick layer of gel to protect heat sensitive components from damage. For high temperature brazing or soldering we recommend using our Viper Heat Blocking Putty, part number RT400P. Fire Protection: Spray


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