VIPER Big Blu Sub Zero Bubble Leak Detector - 1 L

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VIPER Big Blu Sub Zero Bubble Leak Detector - 1 L


The Big Blu range of bubble leak detectors is used by OEMs and industry professionals worldwide. With a temperature rating of -34°C to +95°C and capable of detecting micro gas leakage down to just 22.4 grams per year, Big Blu Sub Zero is the most durable product of its kind for leak detecting under extreme conditions. Where other low temp products give out, freeze or become gelatinous, Big Blu Sub Zero keeps regenerating bubbles and foam and the product maintains a uniform viscosity over this temperature range, remaining fluid on the coldest of days while remaining bulky and resistant to evaporation on hot discharge lines.


Used Where:

Suitable for use with all gases to detect leaks on any pressurised system. Commonly used in HVACR, automotive, hospitality beverage equipment, plumbing, telecom, aerospace, gas utilities, service industries and MVAC.



1. Coat all surfaces with a flat liquid free of bubbles or foam. Focus on threaded connections, joints and values. For more information, refer to our leak detection manual at

2. Bubbles will form instantly for most leaks, while micro leaks will develop while foam cocoons or tiny bubble clusters over 5-30 minutes.

3. Place equipment back into operation and check for vibration leaks. 4. Wipe surfaces (or rinse if water is available).



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