VacMaxx Essentials Evacuation Kit

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Model: VacMaxx Essentials Evacuation Kit


Introducing the Javac VacMaxx


Package Contents:


1 x JAVTBOX             Portable plastic toolbox Black

1 x JVMX15              VacMaxx hose complete with fittings

1 x 18341                 Clamp Ring KF10-16 AL

2 x 88346J                C-Ring SS & O-Ring KF16

1 x KF16THCL           KF-16 Thin Clamp with Coach Bolt w/nut

1 x HS1430               Schrader Remover 1/4SAE with 5/16 adapter

1 x KF1625SAE         1/4FSAE Swivel x KF16

1 x KF1638SAE         3/8FSAE Swivel x KF16 fitting

1 x KF1650SAE         1/2FSAE Swivel x KF16 fitting

1 x ES23970176       O-Ring KF16 18x5mm Viton


Revolutionizing HVAC System Evacuation!


Experience a new era in HVAC system evacuation with the Javac VacMaxx, a cutting-edge hose kit meticulously engineered to accelerate the vacuum process and enhance efficiency like never before.  Say goodbye to the limitations of standard refrigeration hoses, as the VacMaxx boasts larger internal diameter hoses, exclusively designed and crafted by Javac for optimal performance.


Key Features:


Unmatched Speed and Efficiency:


The Javac VacMaxx is tailored to evacuate HVAC systems swiftly and efficiently. With its larger internal diameter hoses, it significantly reduces evacuation times, allowing you to complete projects faster and more reliably.


Outgas-Free Technology:


Bid farewell to concerns about outgassing commonly associated with standard refrigeration hoses. The VacMaxx features advanced materials that eliminate outgassing, ensuring a clean and contaminant-free evacuation process for your HVAC systems.


Precision Engineered Vacuum Fittings:


The VacMaxx is equipped with KF16 vacuum fittings, renowned for their precision and reliability.  These fittings utilize a clamping mechanism, guaranteeing a secure and airtight connection that eliminates the risk of vacuum leaks, providing peace of mind during every evacuation.


Versatility at Its Core:


No matter the HVAC system you’re working with, the Javac VacMaxx is designed to adapt seamlessly. The kit includes a comprehensive selection of fittings and connections, making it compatible with a wide range of systems, ensuring you have the right tools for any job.


Upgrade your HVAC evacuation process with the Javac VacMaxx - where speed, efficiency, and reliability converge to set a new standard in the industry.  Elevate your workflow, reduce downtime, and experience the future of HVAC system maintenance with Javac VacMaxx.


Please see attached User Manual for more Information.



12 months from date of purchase.
*All warranties exclude consumables such as; filters, gaskets, leads, batteries, fuses, sensors, cases etc*

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