VIPER Brite Coil Cleaner - 3.785 L

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VIPER Brite Coil Cleaner - 3.785 L



Nothing cleans or foams better than Viper Brite. This highly aggressive non-acid, alkaline coil brightener is recommended for use on heavily soiled coils that have not been cleaned in years. A 10:1 dilution will provide abundant amounts of foaming power that will push debris out of deeply impacted coils. The alkaline effect strips hard oxidation from aluminum fins to restore the coil to a bright metallic shine. Please respect the power of this chemical and always wear full protective gear.


Used Where:

Outdoor HVACR condenser coils and fully blocked HVACR evaporators. Automotive applications include fully blocked radiators, fully blocked intercoolers, fully blocked EV thermal management heat exchangers (take precautions to prevent Viper Brite from coming into contact with sensitive vehicle components or painted and chrome surfaces).



1. Use the Viper Foam Gun (RT300S) set to your desired dilution ratio (typically 10:1), and fully saturate the coil with fluid.

2. Wait 5 – 10 minutes for foam to generate and loosen the dirt, grease, grime and hard oxidation.

3. Rinse thoroughly




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