HVACDIRECT Complete Refrigeration Kit (5 Piece Kit)

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HVACDIRECT Complete Refrigeration Kit (5 Piece Kit)



This HVACDIRECT PAKCOMP, Complete Refrigeration Kit (5 Piece Kit) is a high quality tool kit that is ideal for those looking to do some serious work in the HVAC industry. Included in this kit are some of HVAC Direct's best selling products.


Kit contains:

#1. JAVAC CAL Series, 80 L/min, 2-stage Vacuum Pump - R32 Compliant



This JAVAC CAL Series VCL822 is a quality 2-stage, oil rotary vane pump with a 81 L/min flow rate and a 15 micron ultimate vacuum.

This pump is ideal for general refrigeration service, and is packed with the features below.



  • Bottle shops, convenient stores, restaurants and catering facilities

  • General Refrigeration

  • Residential or Industrial

  • Split system installation or servicing


  • Comes with a free starter bottle of oil
  • R32 and 1234yf compliant
  • Manufactured to JAVAC's high quality standards
  • 80 L/min flow rate
  • 15 micron ultimate vacuum
  • Ballast valve
  • Anti-oil demister to prevent oil spillage
  • Fitted with a tri-connector: 1/4", 3/8" & 5/16" SAE
  • 420ml oil capacity
  • Dimensions (mm): 350x143x265
  • Weight (kg): 9.6kg


#2. JAVAC XTR PRO Recovery Machine - Non-Sparking - R32, R410 & R134a Compliant



This JAVAC XTRC2, XTR PRO is a quality recovery machine, that provides reliability, accuracy, and an all-Australian design.



  • Recovers: R12, R134a, R22, R32, R401, R404, R406, R408, R410A, R411, R412, R500, R502, R509, 1234yf, and most CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s
  • Built-in manifold analyser

  • Optimum fail-safe performance

  • Purges and self-cleans ‘on the fly’ with no need to shut down

  • A high torque AC motor provides up to 50% noise reduction

  • Increased vapour speed ensures the residual vapour moves quicker

  • You can flush, push/pull, and sub-cool by using the advanced facility


  • Liquid recovery rate (kg/min): 1.8

  • Vapour recovery rate (kg/min): 0.25

  • Push/pull (kg/min): 5.5

  • Connections: 1/4" SAE

  • HP Cut Out: 550 psi

  • Operating Temp: -5 °C to 60 °C

  • Noise Level: 72 dba

  • Weight (kg): 16kg

  • Dimensions (mm): 420x290x420


#3. JAVAC Pro-Sense Leak Detector - R32, R410a & R134a Compliant



This JAVAC JILD200, Pro-Sense Leak Detector, when compared to the more common, traditional leak detector, excels in battery, detection accuracy, additional features, and even ergonomics. The Pro-Sense is the latest leak detector design to come from JAVAC.



  • Maximum sensitivity less than 4g/year
  • L-M-H, three levels of sensitivity
  • Self-test function starts when powering on
  • Leakage peak recording function
  • Battery indication
  • Sensor fault alarm
  • Designed for ergonomic comfort
  • TFT LCD display
  • UV-LED instantly lights up
  • Auto shut down feature after 10 minutes of no operation
  • Earphone function for noisy environments


  • Infrared sensor
  • Rechargable lithium ion battery 
  • Spare filters
  • AC wall charger
  • Flexi-probe
  • Ear buds
  • Heavy duty carrying case


  • Compatible refrigerants: R22, R32, R134a, R404a, R410a, R507, R600, R1234yf & all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and HFOs
  • Minimum sensitivity: 1 g/a
  • Sensitivity per EN14624: 1 g/a
  • Power source: Lithium ion battery (rechargeable)
  • Battery life: ~10 hours


#4. JAVAC 2-Valve Refrigeration Manifold Set - R32 & R410a Compliant



This JAVAC JAVA66336, 2-Valve Refrigeration Manifold Set has evolved from over 50 years of industry knowledge. With a 36" hose set and large 80mm gauges, this manifold set is designed for consistently accurate professional use.



  • High quality aluminium body
  • Piston values
  • Soft ergonomic with colour-coded knobs
  • Heavy-duty swivel hanging hook
  • Heavy-duty black carry case
  • 80mm gauges with soft cushion-protective cover, pulse-free pointer, zero-pointed callibration and colour-coded


  • 800 psi max recommended working pressure
  • Burst pressure 4,000 psi
  • Red, blue & yellow hoses: 72", 5/16" SAE connections
  • Included: 2-Valve Refrigeration Manifold, 3-piece hose set, hanging manifold hook & carry case


#5. JAVAC Acravac Digital Vacuum Gauge



The JAVAC 710202G21, Acravac Digital Vacuum Gauge is a gauge that displays the actual reading of the vacuum level throughout the entire evacuation process, from atmosphere, to 1 micron.



  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display

  • Quick calibration specific to local pressure

  • Displays in micron, Pascals & millibar

  • The only vac stat that uses a Pirani sensor in the HVAC&R industry

  • Automatic shut-off after 60 minutes to save battery life

  • Stores the last reading for easy retrieval upon start-up


  • Package includes: Acravac digital gauge, a 9 V battery & filters, in a storage case

  • Battery life of 45 hours 

  • Sensor type: Pirani

  • Range: Atmosphere to 1 micron

  • Display resolution: 1 micron increments, 1 Pa increments & 0.01 mbar increments

  • Display: Micron, Pascals & mbar 

  • Accuracy: <2000 micron +/-5%, >2000 micron +/- 10%

12 months from date of purchase.
*All warranties exclude consumables such as; filters, gaskets, leads, batteries, fuses, sensors, cases etc*

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