FIELDPIECE Wireless Charge & Air Test Probe Kit

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FIELDPIECE Wireless Charge & Air Test Probe Kit



This FIELDPIECE JL3KH6, Wireless Charge & Air Test Probe Kit allows you to take a full system snapshot quickly + easily with superior distance within a 100 m connectivity! That means you can see what your Air Handler or Evaporator is doing while you are at the condensing unit.


The Kit consists of:

  • 2 x Pressure probes for discharge & suction pressure

  • 2 x Pipe clamps for liquid line sub-cooling & suction line superheat

  • 2 x Psychrometers for obtaining dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point temperatures & relative humidity (% rh)

  • Contained in a quick access padded case.

  • All measurements can be sent, with the Job Link™ app, up to 100 m away directly to your mobile device.

The Tools are also:

  • Designed for agility and speed

  • The pressure probes fit into tight spaces

  • The pipe clamps use the new Rapid Rail™ sensor delivering accuracy, speed, and agility—even on the most awkward pipe configurations

  • The psychrometer’s flexible narrow probes and configurable magnet make it easy to measure supply plenums, ducts, and elevated registers

Login Activation:

  • Simply connect your probe to the Job Link app & follow the update procedure

  • Log multiple parameters at one time to get the right analysis of your system

  • To obtain a Superheat or Sub-Cool Log, add the refrigerant in the field provided after downloading your data from the JL3PR pressure Probe—the Saturation Temperatures will show for your readings

  • Meld the table cells from your JL3PC Pipe Clamp Probe Log, presented will be either Suction or Liquid line & your Superheat or sub-cooling values

  • Use the JL3PC to test your Delta-T across the filter drier … temperature differences over 1 °C need to be monitored for loss of system efficiency


  • Wireless range: +100 metres

  • Wireless frequency: 2.4 gHz

  • Battery: 2 x AAA (included)

  • Battery life: 50 hours typical alkaline

  • Auto power off (APO): 2 hours (can be disabled)

  • Minimum device requirement: BLE 4.0 devices running iOS® 7.0 or Android™ 5.0

  • Weight: 2.5 kg

  • Dimensions (mm): 300 x 200 x 300

Job Link™ Pressure Probe—JL3PR:

  • Connector type: 45° Standard 1/4” NPT female flare

  • Best accuracy: ±1 psig (±7 kPa)

  • Measurement range: 0 to 580 psig (0 to 4000 kPa)

  • Maximum overload: 800 psig (5500 kPa)

  • Water resistant: Designed to IP55

Job Link™ Premium Pipe Clamp Probe—JL3PR:

  • Pipe compatibility: Electrically conductive 6.4 to 34.9mm Dia (1/4” to 1+3/8”) 

  • Accuracy: ±0.6 °C

  • Measurement range: -46 to 125 °C

  • Stabilisation time: 3 seconds typical

  • Measurement feedback: Beeper and LED

  • Water resistant: Designed to IP55

  • Patent: Pending

Job Link™ Flex Psychrometer Probe—JL3RH:

  • Flexible probe: Diameter: 9 mm Length: 235 mm

  • Best accuracy: ±0.6 °C, ±2.5% rh

  • Measurement range: -20 to 60 °C, 0% rh to 100 % rh

12 months from date of purchase.
*All warranties exclude consumables such as; filters, gaskets, leads, batteries, fuses, sensors, cases etc*

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