ROCKER 400 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump - 35 L/min

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ROCKER 400 Vacuum Pump - 35 L/min



This ROCKER R40022, ROCKER 400 Vacuum Pump is a super efficient pump, requiring no lubricant, regular oil changes or maintenance.



  • No air pollution, maintenance-free
    Rocker Series pumps are driven by Piston, without the need of lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance. They produce no oil pollution

  • Moisture trap with filter cartridge
    Rocker Series pumps are equipped with filter cartridge at the air inlet to filter particle and moisture to prolong the life of pump

  • Vacuum regulator
    To adjust vacuum, Rocker Series pumps are equipped with a vacuum regulator.

  • Thermal protection device
    Every Rocker Series pump has a built-in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then resume working when the temperature cools down

  • Prote™ overflow protection
    The Rocker Series pumps are equipped with Prote™ overflow protection which can prevent a large amount of liquid from being sucked into the pump


  • Power: 220 V, 50 Hz

  • Max power:80 W

  • Max current:0.4 A

  • Max vacuum: -685 mmHg

  • Max flow rate: 35 L/min

  • Moisture Trap:Yes

  • Vacuum Regulator:Yes

  • Overflow Protection:Yes

  • Motor rotation: 1450 rpm

  • Noise level: 52.0 dB

  • Horse power: 1/6 hp

  • Hose barb: 55.2 kg

  • Dimensions (mm):310 x 135 x 204

12 months from date of purchase.
*All warranties exclude consumables such as; filters, gaskets, leads, batteries, fuses, sensors, cases etc*

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