Wipcool 3PC HVAC Installer Kit + UNI-T Kit

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Part Number: JAV2F0RMSK1

Efficiency, precision, and reliability are the cornerstones of any successful HVAC installation project. Understanding the demands of modern HVAC systems, we proudly introduce our all-new HVAC Installation Tool Kit, designed to elevate your service quality and streamline your workflow. This comprehensive kit is equipped with state-of-the-art tools that cater to every critical aspect of HVAC installation, ensuring optimal performance and long-term satisfaction for your clients. All packaged in a heavy-duty tough tool box.


JAV2F0R: 240V Series, 45 L/min, 2-stage Vacuum Pump - R32 Compliant


This WIPCOOL 240V Series JAV2F0R is a quality 2-stage, oil rotary vane pump with a 45 L/min flow rate and a 15-micron ultimate vacuum.

This pump is ideal for general refrigeration service, and is packed with the features below.



Bottle shops, convenient stores, restaurants and catering facilities

General Refrigeration

Residential or Industrial

Split system installation or servicing


Comes with a free starter bottle of oil

R32 and 1234yf compliant

Manufactured to WIPCOOL's high quality standards

45 L/min flow rate

15-micron ultimate vacuum

Built-in vacuum gauge

Automatic solenoid valve

Anti-oil demister to prevent oil spillage

Fitted with a 1/4" SAE connection

300ml oil capacity

Dimensions (mm): 309x113x198

Weight (kg): 4.2kg





Flexible probe

High precision and sensitivity sensor

LCD Display


Sensor type: Heated diode gas sensor

Minimum detectable leakage: ≤3g/year

Reaction time: ≤ 3 seconds

Warm-up Time: 30 seconds

Reset Time: ≤ 10 seconds

Operating Temperature Range: 0-50

Operating Humidity Range: <80% RH (non-condensing)

Applicable Refrigerant: CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs. HCs and HFOs

Sensor lifetime: ≥ 1 year

Reset: Automatic/ Manual

Probe Length: 420mm (16.5 in)

Battery: 3 x AA alkaline battery, 7 hours continuous working


JAVMG2K: 2 Valve Manifold Gauge & Hose Set

Sight Glass

Rubber Bumper Protection

Gauge lights, powered by small solar cell

Magnetic hanging strap

¼ tunrn valves

• Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion battery (3-7V/120mAh)

• Gauge Scale: R22 R410A    R32

• Gauge Type: Oil filled – prevents any flutter in the needle. 

• Interface:  3 X 1/4'' SAE

• Diameter: Ø50

• Pressure: -30inHg-500psi / -30inHg-800psi

• Hose Pressure: 800psi Max WP / 4000psi Burst Pressure

• Accessories: Set of 3 RYB refrigeration hoses, 2 X Adapters (5/16''-1/4'')

• Packing: Tool bag

UNI-T Diagnostic Tool Kit


This Diagnostic Tool Kit (JAVUTDTK) is the perfect package for all technicians in the electrical-, plumbing- and HVAC/R-related fields. 


  1. UT125 - Voltage Detector
  2. UT333 - Temperature & Humidity meter
  3. UT353 - Sound meter
  4. UT363 - Anemometer
  5. UT131B - Mulitmeter
  6. UT210A - Clamp meter
  7. LM50A - Distance measurer
  8. UT320D - Contact Thermometer
  9. UT387A - Stud finder

12 months from date of purchase.
*All warranties exclude consumables such as; filters, gaskets, leads, batteries, fuses, sensors, cases etc*

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